How to Get Rid of Pimples – 3 Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne From Your Skin Extremely Fast!

Who else has acne prone skin? Do you? Depending on what stage (or age) of life you are currently at, acne could either be an expected part of your journey…..OR a miserable intrusion that you are NOT prepared to handle. Teenagers, for example…..who are reading this right now, intuitively understand that when hormones change… TOO does your skin. (and usually NOT for the better..:-) But for those of you struggling with ADULT acne, it can be more of an embarrassment than you ever imagined!

So how do you get rid of pimples exceptionally fast? There are actually a whole cadre of killer strategies for eliminating acne prone skin at ANY age. Let’s take a quick look at a few of our favorite ones immediately below.

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One of the most unusual pieces of anti acne advice I offer that works amazingly well? Learn how to relax. Or meditate. Or simply begin to BREATHE deeply for 10 or 12 minutes a day. Why? Because it reduces the stress level in your body. And when your STRESS goes down, so too does the level of cortisol pumping through your veins! And cortisol….a byproduct of anxiety, causes acne, pure and simple! The lower your anxiety level….the clearer your skin is going to be, and mediation is a great (albeit unusual) way to do just that….and fast!

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Did you know that birth control pills are actually FDA approved for treating pimples? It’s true…they are! It always amazes me how many women are NOT aware of this. Of course you only want to take a FRACTION of the percentage that you would be administrating for avoiding pregnancy……but at low dosages, the hormones in the pill can totally reverse pimpled skin. (but remember… these levels it’s NOT effective for real birth control, so be careful!)

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For many acne sufferers, spot treatments of glycolic acid is a remarkable way to reverse acne in a hurry. But be careful here as well….as it can also dramatically dry out surrounding skin. I always advice my readers to spot apply this type of solution and carefully segment your skin. Ironically….most people DON’T realize that over-drying can have a weird effect on acne. (your skin is SMART enough to realize it’s thirsty….and will intuitively secrete MORE oil to compensate……leading to MORE acne than where you began) But in spot application, there is very little as good for acne as glycolic acid….and you can often literally see a dramatic difference in LESS than 3 days. (best for people who need IMMEDIATE acne relief!)

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