How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast With Home Remedies – 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Within One Week

Do you need a quick and fast way to get rid of your acne, zits, pimples or blackheads? You probably don’t want to waste big bucks on over the counter products that don’t really cure acne. They only get rid of the symptoms that is associated with the skin infection, but the root cause is still left intact.

There are many home remedies for acne that you can use on your pimples and in no time you start seeing results on your skin, but before that, one thing that you must avoid doing, if you want the best and fastest results, is that you should not pop or pick your pimples or acne.

If you do this, you will be spreading bacterias to other parts of the body that are not affected with acne, and they may have acne outbreaks too. So avoid this act.

You can follow these tips on how to get rid of acne fast with home remedies listed below:

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast:

1. Garlic: One good natural antibiotic that helps to get rid of the bacterias from your body is the use of garlic. You can use it orally by eating it or you can also use it topically directly on your acne.

Just get some garlic. Crush it together properly, and you can mix it with some honey for better result. Apply it on your pimples and leave it on for 10-15 minutes after which you can wash it off with clean water.

2. Tea Tree Oil: This is a very popular oil that is used worldwide. It has very good anti bacterial, anti septic and anti fungal ingredients in them that helps to heal and restore your skin back to its natural look.

Using this oil is one of the best way to get rid of blackheads. Apply tea tree oil daily on your body to get rid of your infection.

3. Water: I will recommend you drink at least 8-10 cups of water per day. This will help your body system to flush out toxins from the blood streams, that may cause an increase of acne or pimples, and it will also make your skin to be well hydrated.

4. Citric Fruit Juice: citric fruits juice like lemon for example can be used to clear your face of any dead skin cells and it can also help to regenerate new cells.

Simply apply it directly on your skin using a cotton ball. And then you wait for 8-10 minutes before you wash the affected part with clean water.

5. Diet: One of the most important ways to get rid of acne or blackheads is to make sure you fight acne from inside your body. And a good way to do that is to take the right diet.

You should avoid oily and greasy foods. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables, like carrots, pineapples, oranges, mangoes, apples, etc. They will provide your body the required nutrient to get rid of acne.

Following these 5 remedies will help you, get rid of acne or pimples fast at home, using ingredients available around you. If your acne is more severe and serious you will need to visit the link below.

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