How to Get Rid of a Zit Fast – Quick and Easy Zit Removal!

There is nothing more annoying than looking forward to a nice day somewhere special and a huge zit pops up out of no where! There are many ways to get rid of a zit but it doesn’t always mean they are fast; there is a natural healing process the body goes through to get rid of the pimple. But thankfully there are some natural acne treatments to speed it up!

salicylic acid is proven to help zits, it drys out the skin speeding up the process, you can always use benzoyl peroxide for this. It is a proven acne treatment which dries out the oil on your skin, but it can make you very dry. The best way is to use it on the zit as it comes by the next day the pimple should almost be gone. Putting a lot of benzoyl peroxide all over your face will just make your skins surface dry and causing yet another problem for you!

Tea tree oil is also a proven prevention of zits; it kills the bacteria in and around the infected area. Try dipping a towel in hot water, but not boiling. This hot water will kill a lot of the bacteria. Then add a little of tea tree oil onto the zit and leave it, do this in the morning and over night and the healing process should be sped up.

Using sodium bicarbonate mixed with a bit of water can help get rid of a zit fast. Mix some sodium bicarbonate together with water until it turns into a paste, then add a little bit of paste to the affected area and leave until it hardens, then wash off with warm water.

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