How to Get Rid of a Big Pimple

Dealing with a big pimple can be tricky, I have found that the bigger they are the more painful they become. You want to do anything you can to get rid of it, and I’m sure you’re are moments away from giving it a good squeeze or a prick with a needle. Stop don’t do it, as much as you think it’s the best way to get rid of it, it will only come back and most likely with a vengeance. So what should you do? Well I’m hear to help you figure out how to get rid of a big pimple, so you don’t do more damage than good.

Popping or squeezing a pimple is never a good idea, sure it goes away momentarily, but it’s short lived, if you are lucky you will have 1 maybe 2 days without it’s big ugly head staring you back in the mirror. Popping the zit also leads to more risk of permanent scarring. If you think that the pimple looks bad, you should see what it looks like after repeated popping.

I’m not going to bore you with all sort of advice about changing your diet, and being more active, because that’s not what you are looking for right now. You want some advice to get rid of it, right?

OK hear goes:

A dab of toothpaste not the gel type, but good ol’ fashioned white regular paste, on that big sucker and leave it on overnight. This helps to dry out the puss inside the pimple and reduce the swelling. Repeat for a few nights and your pimple should be gone by the following morning.
Another great tip is to apply ice. You’d use ice any other time you have swelling wouldn’t you? A great method that I found online while browsing some sites was to use a small bathroom size dixie cup as an ice mold. This will make holding the ice much easier and comfortable for you. Hold the ice to your pimple and keep it there for 15 minutes or so. Repeat through out the day, the swelling should have gone down and be a smaller zit by morning.
A paste of baking soda and water is another method you can use, that works at shrinking your pimple. The application and method is identical to the toothpaste method.

The above are the best home remedy methods you can use to shrink that sucker down and eventually get it to disappear. Something to keep in mind is that everyone is different and our bodies react to differently to everything, so when you are looking for a method on how to get rid of a big pimple, keep an open mind and be willing to try a few different things.

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